Dany Shaanan

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I like mathematics and technology, so I often find myself writing code.
Here are some of my sites:

0qp0.com - A multiuser pixel art drawing board.
1-1i.com - Mathematical visualizations rendered in code.
gist.im - A MarkDown Gist renderer.
reversemd5.com - An MD5 calculator and reverser.
kof.im - An experiment in voice recognition
oct82.com - ???

Here are some other things I've made:

How to solve the Rubik's cube

Instead of supplying a step-by-step guide for solving the Rubik's cube and spoiling the fun, I have this chart that shows the three basic moves I use to solve it, and a little general explanation on how to use them.

First, you should be able to solve one full layer by trial and error. Notice that you are not moving and placing one-color tiles, but pieces of plastic with one, two, or three colors on each. (Lets call those 'cubies'). This means that while you solve the first face, you should also take care of the other sides of the cubies you place. Once you've solved one full layer, turn it until it fits the centers of the adjacent faces, and go ahead and figure out the chart: There are a few small details missing from this short explanation, but that's some of the challenge...